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Privacy Policy[edit]

There are currently no third-party advertisements on this website.

Cookies are not required for using this website.

A privacy policy on an honest and good website does not have to be so generous, however.

Inspired by the companies below, our privacy policy is that we can track your device, monitor and track your every movement by satellite and background access points and nearby cell towers and Bluetooth. Not only can we collect and sell this information, we can make a living off of it.

Our data retention time is industry standard at 2 years with complete identifiable information, and then keep it forever after removing the last couple digits of the IP address.

Mouse movements, history, purchases, etc. may be shared with third-parties for any legal purposes.


Facebook's privacy policy allows them to monitor your mouse movements, even how long you hover over stuff. It monitors stuff in the background when it isn't active too, and anybody that has a facebook tracking pixel or like button on their website means facebook was allowed to store your internet browsing history, device information, and personal identity even while you weren't on facebook and even when there was literately no way to get to facebook's privacy policy or know what is going on.

Microsoft Windows 10 sends so much data and history and mouse and input logs that it is literately a key logger that you can't opt-out of. Everything your doing and what applications you are using, and how you arrange and use your start menu is sent to Microsoft not just a hundred times a day but sometimes as much as ten thousand times and can not be blocked or opt-out.

Apple has a contract to share your personal information with the government.

Google opens a new blank tab on instead of locally and their privacy policy allows them to record and keep your audio recordings, every key you type, your exact location, etc. all of the time.

If your really worried about our privacy policy[edit]

I am the only person not violating your privacy on the way to this website. Starting from all the data captured on your device's operating system when you turned it on, and then all the information shared with the web browser when you opened that. From there, your ISP started logging all your personal information and internet history as required by law. Then you might have made it to a search engine and so all your private information was then given to search engine when you found this site. If you found it another way than times all that tracking by 50 large companies that do nothing by track and share your personal information. Meanwhile, World Governments were intercepting all that personal information.

All things related to privacy, identity, personality, and rights were scripted. Front page in the largest newspaper in America the day after internet cookies.

If your really worried that either[edit]

The amount of suffering, and I mean real unimaginable suffering, that took place.

Who created Earth and what they did to life and humans.

You have bigger things to worry about, buddy.