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Ghost; Spirit, Soul[edit]

Old English: gast (Spirit, soul)

Ghost (G host )[edit]


A G is similar in shape as spirit that is invisible and possesses humans.

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Free Smoke - Drake[edit]

This kid doesn't play about the flow, yeah Y'all keep playin' with your nose, yeah You get high and do the most, yeah How you let the kid fightin' Ghost-writin' rumors turn you to a ghost? Oh, you niggas got jokes free shmoke, free shmoke

Explanation: Ghost-writin' Ghost Righting rumors turn you (Species) to a ghost?. Translation: Ghost righting rumors. (end of sentence). Turned you (species) into a ghost.


During a few weeks of repetitive and bizarre behavior during the Summer 2014, a techno version of Ghost Busters that doesn't exist, was being played on a walkie talkie every time an officer walked by protected Room #4 at Siu Lam Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, Whoever created this Earth was forcing a mentally disabled young boy or small adult man to vacuum the ceilings and walls of the padded room next door for hours and left the vacuum running for a few days non-stop

Room 4 was also already prepared with words like "Hell" and "666" written all over the walls and ceilings in a gel like material that had the same white glow-in-the-dark color as "glow in the dark stars" that are stickers to place around a boy's bedroom.

Things got really colorful, with 3D glowing multi-colored helicopters and buckets of lego peices visible below ground, a pathway in a wave shape full of bouncing animated effects that had sentences including : "If you can read this, ask me what day of the week it is" in a big dramatic animation following the ground in a spiral shape from one end of the room to the other. The explination for it was that "Whoever created the room knew that someday the guards might get out of hand with corruption, perversion, evilness, and nobody to get them in trouble, so they hid this message so that if somebody has to ask themselves what day of the week it is, they have been in the room too long. The maximum time allowed in the little padded protected room with 2 double locked doors, and no water or toilet or help is 72 hours." (That number changed a lot, at some points being a week, 48 hours, no limitation, a month, or not less than a few hours and with constant monitoring and saftey checks).

Inside a crack in the wall was a 3D colorful animation that said "If you can read this, ask me why you went He He He".

"He He He" is also what a Hong Kong local had said often "Hee Hee Heeeeeeeee" while moving his arms around, and a Chinese girl named "Rose" who would often troll me was always saying "He He He" sarcastically almost daily, usually followed by an insult like "He He He. You have no family and what are you doing, why don't you just jump in front of the car that will be quicker, really" and sometimes followed by a legit wedding proposal or offer to move in together or dinner within a couple hours.


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