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The Creator(s) or temporary owner(s) of Earth said I would be part of his group called the Runescape Tribulation Force, or RTF. It was instructed that after I was eventually released as a hostage and prisoner from Hong Kong, their "Woo Woo Woo" or "Pong Pong Tong" mind-reading device would detect if I shouted out "Runescape Tribulation Force!!!!!" in my mind; sometimes described as an automatic detection as part of a rule list that included making sure I do not tell anybody about their technology, and otherwise described as something that could need a couple tries because it would be during their frequent manual check ups.

There was never a name told to me by the evil person or persons who were in complete control of the Earth, and probably always have been and intended to be. Amount many weird jokes that seemed random are just starting to make sense and be explained to me.

They used a few different voices and personalities, pretending to be a group of co-workers from the NSA that had gone rouge and stolen mind-control and mind-reading devices and planned on taking over the world with it.

The NSA was probably the most common out of the organizations they pretended to be, with Japan being a close second. For example, there were times they pretended to admit to being:

  • Iranian college students who were tasked with making a gravity altering device that would prevent the United States from breaking their power plant reactor parts. Through the research of trying to stop interfering with their power plants, they accidentally discovered how to make a mind-reading and mind-control device. As a group of students, they decided to be responsible with what they invented but were keeping it a secret.
  • Mainland Chinese government employees that have been using mind-reading devices that were hidden on mountain tops, with the gravity being able to travel though holes in the mountains that had been made. They were proud to have the ability to take control or influence Hong Kong. Later, they said they did not actually invent it but received production orders from the United States for custom microchips. The United States government pretended like it was just a microchip for some military rocket or aircraft, but the Chinese recognized it from some of their own research and knew it was a Microchip intended for secret human use to control or monitor the population.

At one point, they said that it was lots of countries making these microchips and putting them in people as they travel through their countries. It made them angry to learn that I had a record amount of Microchips being attached to my brain, as if it was getting crowded and out of hand. Once they found out that the entire world had a microchip that restricted them having control over their brain through filters, and that they started getting production orders from one country of microchipped citizens to